Please read all the Instructions carefully*

For Indian Students

• There will be total 4 classes in a month ( ₹ 400 each) after 1 Trial Class.

For Foreign Students

• There will be total 4 classes in a monts ( $ 20 each) after 1 Trial Class.

1. Next class shall only take place once student completes his previous homework.
2. Students are free to ask any number of queries during overall course duration.
3. Before next class students will have to send the video practicing past class lessons.


Begineer Level Classes

1. Bansuri introduction, holding and blowing techniques and basic sargam.
2. Playing in lower,middle and higher octaves.
3. Practice with Tanpura and Taal (Beats).
4. Alankars/palta practice to get swiftness in fingers.

Intermediate Level Classes

1. Raga Knowledge and Indian Classical Notations.
2. Play Alaap, Jod and Jhala.
3. About different talls in tabla.
4. About Meend, Gamak, Khatka, Murki,Strokes etc.
• Students can also learn light Music (Bollywood,Folk,Fusion etc).

Advanced Level Classes

1. General Improvisation of raagas, alaap, jod and jhala.
2. Create own taanas.
3. Play with different taals.
4. Different of type taana like, Gamak Taan, Alaap Taan, Meend Taan, Sapat Taan, Merukhand Taan etc.